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Welcome to Department of Biology

Biology is important, since it strives to tell us about the natural world around us. Recent advances have brought the subject to the forefront of contemporary sciences and integrated it with numerous disciplines, including Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This has led to the emergence of new areas of study and research such as bioinformatics and computational biology, mathematical modelling of biological processes and diseases, biophysics and systems biology, all of which are in the realm of the Biology programme at GPGCS.

Trust Area

  • Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Biophysics & Computational Biology
  • Genetics and Computational Biology
  • Biochemistry

Faculty Members

Rashid Mahmood

M.Phil Botany

Assistant Professor

Zubair Ahmad

M.Phil Zology

Assistant Professor

Dr. Muhammad Sohail

Ph.D Zoology (PU)

Assistant Professor

Arshad Hameed

M.Phil Botany